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Houston’s Enchanting Chocolate Breakable Moon – A Celestial Delight!

Experience the wonder of the night sky with our Chocolate Breakable Moon, a heavenly creation for all chocolate aficionados in Houston. This exquisite, handcrafted chocolate moon embodies the spirit of Houston’s rich culinary culture and brings a touch of celestial magic to your gift-giving occasions.


•Artisan Craftsmanship: Each Chocolate Breakable Moon is delicately handcrafted by Houston’s finest chocolatiers, ensuring a unique and high-quality experience.

•Starry Surprise Inside: Crack open this lunar delight to discover a galaxy of treats, carefully curated for a stellar experience.

Ideal for:

•Special Celebrations

•Romantic Gestures

•Unique Birthday Gifts

•Corporate Events

How to Enjoy:

Use the accompanying mallet to gently break open the moon, unveiling a universe of chocolate surprises that await inside.

A Taste of Houston’s Night Sky:

Order now and let our Chocolate Breakable Moon transport you and your loved ones to a world of exquisite taste and celestial wonder – a true embodiment of Houston’s love for luxury and creativity in confectionery.

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***If You Wish To Put Your Own Gift Inside, Please Note That The Heart Is Extremely Fragile. HANDLE AT YOUR RISK***


  • We do not accept returns or exchanges. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us and we'll fix it. Your satisfaction is our PRIORITY.