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When you pick up your order be sure to look at the order and make sure it is what you ordered. If order is not correct, we will be happy to correct it for you.


Once you leave the pick up location with your order it means that it is given to you in FULL AND CORRECTLY. 

If you have received a product from us and feel there is a problem with it, please reach out to us so we can assess the issue and do whatever we can to fix the issue.


We are shipping products that have NO PERSERVATIVES, and are extremely FRAGILE, this means we cannot guarantee our the condition of your order upon arrival.


Overnight and second day shipping are the best options to keep product as fresh as possible.


However, we CANNOT be responsible for orders being broken, melted, or that have spoiled due to courier shipping delays, and/or if recipient is not at the delivery location to receive the package. When selecting shipping on your products you are shipping AT YOUR OWN RISK.


When you schedule a delivery please keep in mind, we DO NOT schedule specific times for our deliveries. We have will give you a time frame we will make your delivery. If you're not home, or the recipient you're sending the package to is not home, the box will be left at the door.

When scheduling a delivery please give ALL THE CORRECT INFORMATION NEEDED.

If the information given is incorrect when attempting to deliver your package and we are unable to reach you for the correct information your delivery will be CANCELLED

We only make ONE ATTEMPT to delivery your box per delivery charge.


If we are unable to delivery due to incorrect information you will be notified by us to schedule a pick up or arrange for another delivery attempt, which you will be charged for an additional $10 delivery fee.


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